August 02, 2008

Player Rewards Program

Those yellow cards that players are using at Sports Haven are part of Autotote's Player Rewards system. By using the card, the more you play, the more points you earn, giving you an opportunity to receive great merchandise, racing programs, restaurant and snack bar certificates, and Trophy Bucks.

You'll earn Trophy Points every time you play. As you accumulate Trophy Points, you can redeem them for food and drink, merchandise and Trophy Bucks. What are Trophy Bucks? They are coupons that you use to place wagers. Throughout the year, there will be a number of opportunities to earn additional points. A complete rewards list will be posted at your local branch and on the Autotote web site, Items are subject to change and availability.

Once you've joined the Club, you'll be issued a permanent membership card. The Trophy Club card may be presented to a teller or you can use it at any of the self-serve machines. It's easy to use. Just slide it into the card reader. Your activity will be recorded and you will automatically be credited with Trophy Points. To redeem your points, present your card and a driver's license or picture identification to a branch manager or customer service representative, who will issue a coupon for the item.

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