July 07, 2008

Hours of Operation

Sports Haven is open 7 days a week, at 11:30 AM. During the week, we close at Midnight, with Friday and Saturday's open until 1:00 AM. Sunday we close after the mid-afternoon tracks finish, around 6 - 7 PM.

Planet Wings in the food court is also open 7 days a week at 11:30 AM.
The restaurant is open Wednesday - Sunday for lunch, and Friday & Saturday for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Food here used to be delicious now Im disgusted, Myself and other witness how the cooks and other staff drink while they work are completey drunk, languages is terrible, and this are the people cooking. Been going here for may years but I rather go else where i hope the owner can see this. Hire new staff if you want to keep your business open.

Anonymous said...

I so agree to the last comment the staff there are very not professional, I saw a few staff members smoking weed outside...Not nice Will never go again...Melissa East Haven CT