June 17, 2008

Connecticut Off-Track Betting (CT OTB)

Sports Haven (New Haven, CT) is one of ten branches that are commonly referred to as the Connecticut Off-Track Betting System. Although this is largest facility, there are two other so-called 'premier' locations. The other two are the Bradley Teletheater in Windsor Locks, and Shoreline Star in Bridgeport.

Just because the other branches are aren't big, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the heart-pounding action. All of our branch locations feature live racing action where you can watch and wager on the best thoroughbred, harness, greyhound and jai-alai action from across the country.

Although this blog is focused on Sports Haven, you can find more information about our entire operations at CT OTB

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Anonymous said...

i frequent hartford winners,and i cant belieeve you let predetors bother your customers,they try to pressure people into giving them money,swear at you if you dont,theres one particular skinny hoodlum there,that is responsible for at least 10 people i know getting twin spires accounts or going to foxwoods,hes been kicked out 4 or 5 times and you keep leting him back,one of theses days your going to have a major incident,your branch manager erick has tried to keep the animals under control,but ive heard from the skinny menace himself bragging that erick has been warned to leave him alone by management,are you guys out of your fucking minds,do you even know what goes on there,wake up and stop acting like fools,you are loosing customers with money to bet by taking the side of criminals that only bet with money they manage to extort,just watch your cameras and you will see these fools bothering your customers and frightening older folks and buisiness types that god forbid should sit in the hoodlums favorite chair.