May 12, 2008

Jai-Alai Still Going Strong in Florida

We often get questions about the sport of Jai-Alai. Thought to be the world's fastest ball-game, Jai-Alai once had a huge following in Connecticut. At one point, three frontons could be found across the state.

Now adays, the only major frontons in the United States are located in Florida. The good news, is that you can watch all the action from Dania and Miami Jai-Alai while at Sports Haven. In fact, there is an entire section of the building dedicated to fans of the game. It's not as fun as actually being at a live Jai-Alai event, but for those looking to enjoy the game, it isn't totally extinct.

To get info about Dania Jai-Alai,
To check out Miami Jai-Alai info, check out
There is also a good site which talks about the history and rules of the game:'s%20Fastest%20Game

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